About Us

The Vision

Leadership & Professionalism in providing outsourcing services for business institutions in the Middle East international standards.

The Mission

Adding value to our partners through dedicated teams, by Reducing operational cost & Increasing Profitability using the latest technologies & techniques according to international standards.

The Core Purpose

Delivering high quality customer-focused outsourcing services using state of the art technologies.

The Values


“we do what we say” We foster a family like work environment founded of trust, honesty, transparency, with open communication and fair dealing.


“We value people as our greatest resource” We value each other and treat others, as we want to be treated.


“Our Employees are our future Partners” We work with each other to achieve organizational & individual goals. With a positive attitude.


“We are held accountable for our Quality” We are personally responsible for the success of our business, and we will continue enhancing it by developing our skills & knowledge.


“We are committed to our stakeholders” We are focused on achieving our objectives with a commitment to continuous quality improvement

The Team

We insure to serve the best interests of every project we handle, therefore we have structured a team formula that serves each project interest in the utmost dedication. below is Miza’s dedicated team structure for every project: